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Why We Use Aluminium Disability Ramps

Why We Use Aluminium Disability Ramps

Why We Use Aluminium Disability Ramps

Aluminium is a material with many advantages when it comes to access ramps. We use high-quality aluminium in our ramps range, here’s why:


Aluminium is resistant against corrosive substances, making is exceptionally durable. Even with heavy usage, aluminium ramps should last for years.


Sturdy and Light

Unlike strong but heavy metals, aluminium is strong, sturdy and light. This makes transporting and installing ramps much easier and safer and is particularly useful for temporary ramps which move frequently in and out of storage.


Quality Finish

Aluminium is a clean looking material and can be easily varnished, anodised or treated with a wide range of coverings. In addition, thanks to its anti-corrosive qualities, it stays looking good for much longer.



Aluminium is good option when it comes to safety as it doesn’t spark when rubbed against other metals.



Most aluminium now comes from recycled sources. When your ramp reaches the end of its life it can also be recycled, ensuring minimal environmental impact.


Talk to the Access Specialists

Our expanded range of ramps, including custom made solutions, uses high grade aluminium to ensure quality and safety – please contact our experienced team for help in making the right selection.

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