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How To Set Up A Wheelchair Ramp Safely

How To Set Up A Wheelchair Ramp Safely

How To Set Up A Wheelchair Ramp Safely

Wheelchair ramps help make your premises more accessible for wheelchair users as well as people pushing strollers or carts.

Here’s our guide to setting up your wheelchair ramp with safety in mind:

Choose the right ramp for the job

The first step is choosing the right equipment for the job. Take in account whether the ramp needs to be permanent, adjustable, folding or a more bespoke modular system.

Choose a high-quality ramp with a non-slip surface and check the ramp size and loading capability is appropriate for those using it.

Assess ramp gradient

A common mistake is to choose a ramp that is too short, creating an unsafe incline. Steep inclines can put strain on manual wheelchair users or the engines of motorised chairs and may even cause a chair to roll backwards.

UK regulatory guidelines for permanent ramps require a 1:15 gradient, however this is not always practical for portable ramps due to space restrictions. A gradient of at least 1:8 is advisable, so long as assistance is at hand when required.

Inspect your ramp

Regular checks should be made to ensure your ramp is in good working order. Inspect bolts and fixtures as well as looking out for crack or breaks. Damaged ramps should be logged and removed from service until repaired or replaced.

Ensure a level landing

There must be a level landing at the top and bottom of the ramp. The landing needs to be at least as wide as the ramp itself and able to accommodate the whole length of the wheelchair. The landing could be an existing surface or it can be constructed as part of the ramp.

Secure your ramp

Make sure you ramp is fixed securely and is supported by solid, level ground. Improperly supported slopes or uneven ground can make the ramp unstable or cause it to slip.

Talk to a member of our expert team today about your ramp systems requirements. We offer a full site survey, installation and maintenance service for both public and private section building.

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