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Aspire Supports Special Needs Week 2016

Aspire GB students

Aspire Supports Special Needs Week 2016

In 2015, when consulting with a group of special needs teachers, Tony Attwood discovered a need for greater access to information on special needs.

Special Needs Week was set up to help address the issue. The organisers identified three main areas to be improved:

  1. Understanding individual special needs and what each one means.
  2. Managing the expectations and understanding of parents.
  3. Improving communication between colleagues and special needs departments.

As well as providing key information through its website, Special Needs Week would also celebrate the role of special needs teachers across the UK.

Aspire GB is proud to be supporting this year’s Special Needs Week which runs from June 13th – June 17th 2016.

To find out more visit the Special Needs Week website, where you can find an index of special needs, advice on communicating with parents, SENCo questionnaire results and all the latest research.

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