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How To Choose A Reliable Wheelchair Lift Platform

How To Choose A Reliable Wheelchair Lift Platform

Platform lifts improve access for wheelchair users in homes, institutions and workplaces.  Choosing a reliable wheelchair lift platform means working with a trusted supplier to carefully assess your needs. Once requirements are established we can match them to the right lift solution.


Space limitations are a key consideration. Wheelchair lifts come in a range of sizes and it’s important to choose one that works in your space. With space restrictions, a folding lift can be a great option. Lifts such as the Strata 225  have a fold away platform and store in as little as 27cm from the wall.

Alternatively, consider a self-contained unit such as the Aura 340. Although they are on the larger side, they can be installed outside a building if space inside is limited or there isn’t a stairway indoors.

Chair Type

Review the type of wheelchairs that your lift will transport. All our lifts have ample platform space, but you’ll need to double-check your chair is compatible with both the size and load capacity of the lift. For a heavy duty option, take a look at the Vista 340 which has a 340kg weight limit and comes in a range of platform sizes.

Stair Type

Choose a lift that can handle your stair height and shape. The excellent value Strata 225 is designed for simple, single stairways, while the Corsa 250 can navigate turning stairways and up to 7 flights.

If your access solution is a platform change rather than a stairway, the Quadra 300 (max lifting height 83cm)  and the Vista 340 (max lifting height 200cm) are ideal.  Both these lifts are mobile and work well in situations such as corporate events or prize-givings to allow stage access.


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