SC-DP1 Domino People Stairclimber

Its arrived! The Domino – from a new world of Access and Evacuation Technology.

SC-DP1 Domino People Stairclimber

So, what are the advantages over a standard stairclimber?

  • A capacity of up to 400kg
  • Can carry both powered and manual wheelchairs
  • Capable of navigating spiral stairs and winders
  • Independent tracks allow use in narrow spaces such as small landings
  • Enhanced patient comfort and dignity, patient remains level throughout movement .
  • Very compact, easy to store and transport.
  • Able to manoeuvre even on irregular steps.

The Domino People Stairclimber is an industry changing innovation, enhancing inclusive access for wheelchair users.  The independent crawler tracks allow the stairclimber to rotate 360° and provide maximum manoeuvring comfort even in narrow spaces.

The one finger control joystick makes intuitive moments, and automatically adjusts the load tilt of the wheelchair taking a lot of stress off the operator during transport.

The Domino People Stairclimber is the simplest, most versatile and revolutionary stairclimber available – in the world.

Additional information



Stair Angle

up to 35°


130 kg (battery included)


4 metres per minute


about 300 steps

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