Stairline Evacuation Pad – Three Strap

The Evacuation Pad – Three Strap is designed for use in places where space is limited, such as congested hospital wards and buildings with narrow corridors or single width fire doors.


  • Durable vinyl coated base material enables the Evacuation Pad to move over virtually any interior floor surface.
  • 5cm foam pad provides protection for the user.
  • Seat belt style buckles (metal) and three webbing straps.
  • Foot pocket at each end for ease of use.
  • Wall mountable, wipe clean bag

Using the Evacuation PAD:

  • In an Emergency the Evacuation Pad is quickly removed from its wall mountable storage bag.
  • The patient can then be transferred on to the Evacuation Pad (this can be performed either from bed/floor/chair).
  • Place feet within the foot pocket.
  • If pillows are available place these on the individuals leg and chest area (for comfort once strapped in).
  • Secure the individual in place on the pad using the seat belt style cross straps.
  • Using the end pulling handles the individual can be moved to a safe area. When going down stairs it is important to pull the individual feet first.

Additional information

Packed Dimensions

67cm x 64cm x 20cm

Deployed Dimensions

197cm x 61cm x 5cm

Safety Tested To


Safe Working Load

120kg – for two people


Cotton and Vinyl



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