Stairline Cargo-Climb 200SL

Self-Levelling Stairclimber, with rated capacity of 200Kg – ideal for larger products including photocopiers & printers, and catering equipment

  • Dependable powered drive unit for effortless travel, up and downstairs
  • Advance warning of battery level
  • Auto-Levelling feature for sensitive equipment, and saves time at each landing
  • Great for applications where there is not enough space for ramped access

Your Package Includes

  • Stair Angle Gauge
  • Handbook
  • Removable Battery
  • Charger
  • Emergency stop/alarm switch


Additional information



Stair Angle

up to 35°UPDATE

Landing Size From

97 x 97cm (38”x38”)UPDATE

Dimensions Stored

(h x w x d) 36 x 63 x 104cm


Climbing Unit 31Kg
Handle 11Kg
12v Battery 10Kg


Down 26/Up 23 (approx stairs/min)


600 steps (300 up + 300 down)


Motor/drive combination (210w) UPDATE

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