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Prioritising Easy Accessibility to Attract New Employees

Prioritising Easy Accessibility to Attract New Employees

Good business leaders know that an inclusive workplace is a better workplace. Making sure your organisation appeals to mobility impaired persons ensures you aren’t putting off a vast talent pool of potential employees.

UK law makes clear that businesses must make reasonable adjustments to allow safe access to all employees. To attract the talent your business needs, you need to go above and beyond the minimum and provide accessibility options which are comfortable, reliable and easy to use.


Stair-Travel Technology

Using stair-travel technology is a great option for improving access. Stairclimbers are clever machines which allow for safe and smooth access without burdening the user or helper. At AspireGB, we have an exceptional range of the latest in stairclimber technology, suitable for a wide range of requirements. 




>Explore: Stairclimbers for Every Day Use. 
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Talk to one of our stair-travel experts today to discuss which system will best suit your needs. We also offer one-off hire solutions as well as installation, training and maintenance packages.

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