Safe Patient Evacuation in Hospitals and Care Homes

Service providers have a duty of care to provide safe evacuation procedures for customers or service users who need assistance to safely evacuate a building in the event of an emergency. In the case of hospitals and care homes, large numbers of patients may require assistance. Have the right equipment and procedures in place is essential.
Your Legal Obligation:
"Where an employer or a service provider does not make provision for the safe evacuation of disabled people from its premises, this [...]


Why We Use Aluminium Disability Ramps

Aluminium is a material with many advantages when it comes to access ramps. We use high-quality aluminium in our ramps range, here's why:
Aluminium is resistant against corrosive substances, making is exceptionally durable. Even with heavy usage, aluminium ramps should last for years.
Sturdy and Light
Unlike strong but heavy metals, aluminium is strong, sturdy and light. This makes transporting and installing ramps much easier and safer and is particularly useful for temporary ramps which move frequently in and out of storage.
Quality Finish
Aluminium is [...]


Stairclimbers for Commercial Goods Handling

Moving heavy and awkward loads in the workplace is a laborious and potentially dangerous task.  When you add a flight of stairs into the equation, it's even more of a challenge. Your organisation is responsible for ensuring safe systems of work and providing the right equipment and training to avoid injury to workers.
Here at AspireGB, we offer an ever-widening range of Commercial Material Handling Stairclimbers. They have helped meet the challenge of goods handling in countless situations and a wide [...]


Choosing an Evacuation Chair for Your Business

The responsibility to provide a compliant evacuation plan rests with building owners and occupiers. As a business owner, this can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, there are an array of solutions on the market that can simplify the challenge.
Emergency Evacuation Chairs are a brilliant solution to safely evacuate mobility impaired persons in an emergency. At AspireGB we have several options available and our expert team are on hand to help you choose the most appropriate evacuation chairs for your needs.
Stairline Ego

This budget-friendly [...]


Why Train Staff To Use Accessibility Equipment?

Taking measures to ensure your business premises are accessible for all is vital if you want your organisation to be an inclusive institution with equal rights for employees, visitors and customers. However, having the right equipment such as ramps, stairclimbers, wheelchair lifts and evacuation chairs is no good if your team isn't trained to use them correctly.
There are three key reasons not to overlook training:
1) Safety
Training ensures staff members can use accessibility equipment in a safe manner. The correct [...]


Short Term Accessibility: Hiring Wheelchair Lifts And Stairclimbers

Sometimes you need a short term accessibility solution. This may be the case for one-off events like conferences, prize-givings, graduations, exhibitions and weddings. Hiring a stairclimber or wheelchair lift can be particularly useful for occasions when temporary stage access is required.
In addition, temporary access can be hired to avoid disruption to inclusive access if your permanent mobility solution is out of action or being serviced.
Hiring an access solution such as a stair-climber or wheelchair lift is extremely flexible and can [...]


How To Choose A Reliable Wheelchair Lift Platform

Platform lifts improve access for wheelchair users in homes, institutions and workplaces.  Choosing a reliable wheelchair lift platform means working with a trusted supplier to carefully assess your needs. Once requirements are established we can match them to the right lift solution.
Space limitations are a key consideration. Wheelchair lifts come in a range of sizes and it's important to choose one that works in your space. With space restrictions, a folding lift can be a great option. Lifts such [...]


Choosing A Powered Stairclimber

In buildings where it is impossible or impractical to install a lift, a powered stairclimber can provide an alternative access solution. The latest stair travel technology ensures a smooth, safe and dignified ride for the user as well requiring minimal manual handling for those assisting.

Capacity and dimensions
When choosing your stairclimber, it's important to determine the correct load capacity and size to suit those using it. This means deciding on the maximum weight needed - remember that total load includes the [...]