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Do You Need Evacuation Chairs On Your Premises?

Do You Need Evacuation Chairs On Your Premises?

Do You Need Evacuation Chairs On Your Premises?

KEY TAKEAWAY: The law requires you to provide inclusive emergency evacuation. Evacuation chairs are an effective solution for those who cannot safely use stairs during an emergency.



Under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all businesses and public services must make provisions for safe emergency evacuation at their premises. This means that you are legally required to ensure all employees, customers and visitors can make a safe escape in an emergency.

Lift access is usually restricted in an emergency: those with disabilities which make stair use difficult will require additional support and equipment. Restricting access to wheelchair users on fire safety grounds will put you in hot water with regards to the Equality Act 2010, not to mention alienate a significant percentage of your customer base. Fortunately, evacuation chairs offer a convenient, safe and dignified evacuation option and allow you to keep your business inclusive.


Key considerations when purchasing evacuation chairs:


  • Start with your risk assessment: All decisions regarding evacuation should be informed by a rigorous fire safety risk assessment, detailing obstacles to safe evacuation. Your risk assessment will help you asses where extra equipment is needed.
  • Use PEEPS:  Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEPs) are crucial to planning and executing successful evacuation. Beyond the provision of equipment, PEEPs should also detail the broader evacuation strategy including buddy systems and pre-arranged refuge stations.
  • Train your staff: The best equipment in the world is no good if people don’t know how to use it. Your staff need comprehensive training on new equipment and regular refresher courses.
  • Work closely with a supplier: Find a trusted supplier with in-depth knowledge of evacuation technology to advise you on the best solution for your needs.
  • Maintenance and review: Equipment inspections and evacuation plan reviews should be conducted regularly to keep your evacuation procedures up to date and effective.


At AspireGB we are experts in stair-travel technology and are well placed to help you with your evacuation challenges. Talk to one of our team about evacuation chairs as well as our training and maintenance packages.


AspireGB: providing the right solution, on time, and on budget, for all your access and evacuation challenges.

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