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National Inclusion Week: Celebrate and Inspire Everyday Inclusion

National Inclusion Week: Celebrate and Inspire Everyday Inclusion

National Inclusion Week is here, beginning on Monday 23rd September through to Sunday 29th September 2019!

Created and run by Inclusive Employers, the UK's first and leading membership organisation for employers looking to build inclusive workplaces. National Inclusion Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace and the business benefits of creating an inclusive workforce.

Employers of all shapes and sizes, big and small, have a responsibility to ensure their workplace practices are inclusive of all people regardless of their gender, age, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

This can include ensuring equal pay for all genders, equal opportunities for all employees regardless of ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation and ensuring measures are taken to provide a working environment that supports those with a physical disability to help make life easier in the workplace.

What are the business benefits of being inclusive?

Diversity in the workplace can provide your business with many benefits. Striving to be an inclusive employer will help you attract a larger mix of people, skills, experiences, perspectives and ideas that your business will ultimately benefit from.

We all think and act differently, that’s what makes us who we are, it would be rather boring if we were all exactly the same. Our experiences, abilities, gender, religion and race contribute to the person we are, and these differences should be celebrated in the workplace, but more than that people should not be discriminated against and should all have access to the same opportunities.

An inclusive workplace is more than just ticking boxes or having policies in places, it's about making changes to your premises, practices and culture that allow people to be themselves at work, without limitation or fear of discrimination.

Could your business be more inclusive?

While you may already be taking steps to ensure an inclusive culture and workplace, there may be room for improvement. Determine if there are any gaps or if you could be more inclusive by considering the following questions:

  • Are all of your facilities accessible to all?
  • Do your training sessions allow everyone to get involved?
  • Are company perks accessible to all your employees?
  • Are your employees comfortable at work and can they express their opinions, feelings and ideas freely?

How can VIGØR® help you be more inclusive?

At VIGØR®, we are on a mission to make accessibility for all as simple as possible, ease of access is our A through Z and everything else in-between. Our products and services help make inclusive accessibility easy.

Our experienced team can evaluate the accessibility challenges your business faces and help you overcome them with our quick, easy and effective solutions.
Our easy to integrate and compliant solutions help employers provide a safe environment that is accessible to everyone and provides equal opportunities to those living with a disability.

Ensure you are working smarter to provide inclusivity for all. We offer several solutions to help you make your workplace more accessible, including a wide range of:

  • Wheelchair Platform Lifts
  • Stairclimbers for all types of stairs including external stairs
  • Adjustable, foldable, kerb and threshold wheelchair ramps
  • Evacuation Chairs

To find out more about us and how we can help your business become more inclusive visit us at or get in touch with us, we’d be happy to answer any questions.

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