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Google Maps Add Wheelchair Accessibility Information

Google Maps Add Wheelchair Accessibility Information

Google Maps has begun displaying information on wheelchair accessibility in an update which could make a big impact on the lives of disabled people.

“It’s a step toward providing more information about the accessibility of places around the world,” said Elizabeth Davidoff, communications manager for Google Maps.

The new feature launched late last year and is available globally, Davidoff said. Accessibility details are created from submissions from users, or ‘Local Guides’, who answer questions about the places they visit, including things like prices, parking and, now, accessibility.

“For the most part, our users submit feedback on whether a place has an accessible entrance, and once enough data is gathered, we’re able to note that a particular location has a wheelchair accessible entrance,” Davidoff said.

You’ll be able to find wheelchair accessibility information under the ‘Amenities’ section when looking up an establishment in Google Maps, and you can also add your own findings on the same screen. Business owners can also submit information about accessibility through Google My Business.

The pioneering new update was created by several Google employees using their “20% time”. The famous 20% policy, announced by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2004, encourages employees to spend up to 20 percent of their working hours concocting personal projects that might benefit the company.

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