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Should You Be Using Goods Handling Equipment?


Should You Be Using Goods Handling Equipment?

Goods handling is a consideration in all kinds of workplaces. Moving bulky objects can be particularly tricky when the task involves negotiating stairways. Whether it’s heavy goods in an industrial setting or large objects within retail premises or institutions, using the right stair travel technology is essential.

Safety first

Even with the very best manual handling techniques, sometimes an object is just too risky for us to carry up or down stairs. Attempting to move a large item manually can pose a significant risk to employees. Muscle strain, back injury, or even damage caused by dropped objects are all possible outcomes. With the right equipment, injuries and accidents can be avoided.

Time saving

Aside from safety, the other key benefit of using goods handling equipment is the boost to productivity. With stair travel technology, man power and task times can be significantly reduced.

Types of goods handling

We have a wide range of stair travel solutions to suit different shaped stairwells and different sized goods. From the Compact 150 Goods Platform – great for negotiating smaller landings – to the Stairline Cargo-Climb 200SL – ideal for larger products including photocopiers, printers, and catering equipment

Whether you’re looking for a long or short term solution, get in touch today to discuss your needs with our team.

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