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Choosing A Powered Stairclimber

Aspire Powered stairclimbers SA-3 Apex-Plus 160

Choosing A Powered Stairclimber

In buildings where it is impossible or impractical to install a lift, a powered stairclimber can provide an alternative access solution. The latest stair travel technology ensures a smooth, safe and dignified ride for the user as well requiring minimal manual handling for those assisting.

Capacity and dimensions

When choosing your stairclimber, it’s important to determine the correct load capacity and size to suit those using it. This means deciding on the maximum weight needed – remember that total load includes the individual using the climber as well as their wheelchair.

Our products range for 130kg capacity to 230kg. Solutions such as the TRE-70 Maxi-Level 230 are specially designed to cater for bariatric individuals, with a larger platform size and load capacity.

Stair type

Assessing your stair type is also crucial – look for a stairclimber compatible with the number of steps, stair angle and length of your stairway.

You’ll also need to check the stairclimber dimensions will comfortably fit your stairwell. For narrow stairways, or those which are particularly steep or turn quickly, take a look at the slimline LG2020 Super-Step 130.

Is your stairway outside? The SA-2 Apex Standard 130 and the SA-3 Apex-Plus 160 can be used inside and out.

Landing size

A sufficient landing size is needed to ensure safety while mounting and dismounting. In settings where space is limited, look for a compact system such as the SA-S Compact 150, which requires a much smaller landing platform.

Comfort and stability

All our products are designed with comfort in mind, to provide a smooth and stable experience. Most models use a tilting action which shouldn’t be unpleasant for the user. However, if the user wishes to remain completely upright, the TRE-52 Maxi-Major 200  or TRE-70 Maxi-Level 230 systems use a platform system which keep the user level throughout.


Talk to one of our stair travel experts today to discuss which system will best suit your requirements. We also offer one-off hire solutions as well as training and maintenance packages.



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