Social inclusion and disability equality can now quickly be answered with this quality range of wheelchair Platform Lifts. With several different types a very wide variety of applications can be simply catered for – please enquire.

  • aura340

    Aura 340

    Self-contained vertical access solution, describes the Aura™ 340 quite concisely but there is more to this enclosed wheelchair than first meets the eye. With lifting heights of up to 3m / 188″ and available in three different platform sizes, in either straight through, 90° or on/off same configurations, design flexibility is included with every lift. The sturdy anodized aluminium outer frame can be fitted with either solid or clear panels panels and have an open or covered top to the enclosure.
    • Indoor or outside operation
    • Made to order & fully installed to give a built-in look
    • Many easy to use & safety features included
    • Available in many colours to match surrounding decor

    Safety Features

    • Emergency manual lowering
    • 107cm safety sides with safety edges
    • Emergency stop/ alarm switch
    • Full height interlocked doors


    • Power door operators
    • Custom platform sizes
    • Keyed operation
  • corsa250

    Corsa 250

    Versatile platform lift for straight or turning stairways. The design flexibility of the Corsa™ allows it to meet many different needs, including landings, multiple stops, curved and radiating stairways, as well as round the corner platform storage.
    • Bi-directional ramp sensing detects obstructions on stairs
    • Ultra quiet drive unit is programmed to suit your stairway including slowing at corners and landings
    • Wrap around safety arms enhance passenger safety and security
    • May be used for evacuation purposes (where legislation permits)

    Safety Features

    • Emergency manual travel
    • Safety edges / sensors
    • Emergency stop/alarm switch
    • Wrap around barrier arms
    • Pedestrian safety lights

    Useful Options

    • Fold down seat
    • Attendant control
    • Side load platform
  • quadra300

    Quadra 300

    From corporate events to special guests, from prize giving occasions to exhibitions and graduations! No installation is required for the Quadra™ 300 – this short rise high capacity platform lift only needs moving into position, plugging in and using! Also available as a totally mobile version with special removable handles & wheels, great for stage access up to 83cm/33” high and is quick and easy to move back to a storage area until next time it is needed. Special side exit version available to order, this saves valuable audience space.
    • Space saver design
    • Indoor & outdoor use
    • Battery backup option
    • Handrail variations
    • Convenient power supply from 3pin plug
    • 300kg capacity for all types of chair
    • “Auto power” ramp option gives easy access to lift platform
    • Smaller, lower capacity version available for specific applications

    Safety Features

    • Emergency manual travel
    • Safety side and exit rails
    • Safety curtain / bellows


    • Outdoor spec - great for domestic situations when there is not enough room for ramps
    • Top gate
    • Safety contact bar
    • Control pillar
    • Safety curtain / bellows
  • strata225

    Strata 225

    High performance platform stairlift for straight stairways. The Strata™ 225 is well proven, reliable and excellent value with many options to suit your staircase and specific requirements Installation can be very quick with little or no disruption or building work required.
    • User-friendly independent key controlled operation
    • Fold away platform for compact storage – from as little as 27cm from wall
    • Smooth operation and travel for optimum passenger comfort
    • Integral safety equipment includes obstruction sensors and fold down barrier arms
    • Assembled to order for quick delivery and installation lead time

    Safety Features

    • Fully concealed drive system
    • Emergency manual travel
    • Safety edges / sensors
    • Emergency stop/alarm switch
    • Powered wrap around barrier arms


    • Audio-visual pedestrian alert
    • Remote control for attendant use
  • vista340

    Vista 340

    Available in both installed and mobile versions, this is the super strong, medium rise, open top lift you have been looking for. Capable of carrying weights to over 1/3 tonne up to 110cm (44”) high on the mobile version and up to 2m (79”) high on the installed option – but powered from a 3 pin plug! No one now needs to be left at the lower level – this is social inclusion where it can be seen – at every stage and level.
    • Easy to use independent access, with mobile option
    • Fitted with Autopower ramp as standard
    • Durable and reliable, medium rise platform lift with 340kg capacity

    Safety Features

    • Emergency manual lowering
    • 107cm safety sides with safety edges
    • Emergency stop/ alarm switch
    • Interlocked gates